Insurance Claims

Our President was a former Public Adjuster*

*A public adjuster represents the homeowner to guide them through the claims process and protect you from mistakes.

At Envision Roofing we take care of our customers and take time to walk them through the entire claims process. Other professionals like to overcomplicate the process to unnecessarily inflate the payout from the insurance company which can cause your claim to take a much longer time to be paid in full.


At Envision Roofing, you can expect:

  • Professionals that are trained on how the claims process works and what the scope of work should be.
  • We offer to meet with the insurance adjuster to make sure everything is properly covered and documented. With our public adjuster background, we know how to talk the insurance companies’ language.
  • Since it’s illegal to be both a public adjuster and a contractor on the same job in the state of TX, we know how to advise and coach you through the process the right way.

Step-by-Step guide to processing your claim:

  1. Research your Homeowners insurance policy and take time to understand it. This can also mean calling your insurance broker and/or your insurance company.
  2. It’s important to document the issues. Envision Roofing will get on the roof and take the correct pictures that the insurance company is looking for. It’s always a good practice to take pictures of your roof in good condition so that both you and the insurance company has something to compare it to.
  3. Call Envision Roofing for a free inspection to actually determine if you have damage or not and if a claim really needs to be filed.
  4. Contact your insurance company and file a claim.
    Set up an appointment for Envision Roofing and the insurance adjuster to meet and discuss the scope of work.
  5. Replace and / or repair your roof.