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Roofing replacement does not have to be a stressful situation. If you are ready for a new roof in the Frisco TX area, give us a call to discuss your options.

Replacing your roof is not an easy decision to make, though once it is made, there are still some other touch choices in line. This is the most common difficulties homeowners face when it comes to their roof; when to replace it, and what material is best for the new installation. When those questions are not answered correctly, it can lead to even tougher spots.

Luckily, there are professionals that can help you determine the best course of action. Roofing contractors have all the knowledge and skills to assist you in making those two difficult decisions. They can also inspect your roof for damage, perform repairs when needed, and help with maintenance. The only important decision for homeowners to make is when to call the experts.

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Signs You Should Replace Your Roof

As mentioned, one of the more difficult questions for homeowners is when is the right time to replace their roof. This can vary depending on the situation, but typically there are usually signs that a replacement is needed.

These are the most common signs:

  • Age: The average roof lasts for up to 25-years. Checking the date of when the house was built can help you determine when that was if you are not the original ower. In the event, your roof is getting to the 20-year make, and you have had frequent repairs, you should consider replacing it with a new installation.
  • Heating Costs: When a roof is no longer sealed correctly, heat and AC can seep out causing an increase to your energy bills. Though it can happen quickly with larger damage, a lot of times it happens gradually to the point you may not notice.
  • Visible Damage: Missing shingles, cracked or bowing rooftops, and other damage is a definite sign that replacement is needed.
  • Appearance: Many homeowners opt to replace their roof due to its shabby appearance. A new installation of material can make a big difference to the home’s curb appeal.
  • Constant Repairs: Lastly, multiple repairs are an inconvenience and can be costly. If the repairs within a year are equal to or higher than the cost of a new roof, it is more cost-efficient to replace it. This also goes for the cost of one big repair.

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The Re-Roofing Process

The second most intimidating process for homeowners is the installation process. To ease this stress, there is a detailed plan put into place so the homeowner knows exactly what will be happening.

First, the home, yard, gardens and other features are protected. Once that is complete, the entire roof is removed so the structure, beams, and sub-roof can be inspected for damage. Also, the sub-roof needs to be completely dry before the new roof can be installed.

The installation process is completed by skilled members of the team who have been trained to overcome any situations that may arise. All of the materials used are also from the same manufacturer so to ensure all the components are compatible with each other.

Finally, once the homeowner has a chance to take in their new roof, a maintenance plan is recommended plus a warranty is given that will protect the roof and homeowner from any errors that may occur.

What Choose Us

Working with a professional roof installation company gives you the best possible outcome of your decision to have a new roof installed. They have the ability, skill, and knowledge to complete the project safely and competently. Our roofing contractors have worked in every part of the industry, including manufacturing and insurance adjusting, giving us unique insight into the best roofing services for your Frisco home.

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